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If you are a young person who is feeling unhappy or feel that you being abused


Parent, Grand Parent, Friend, Teacher, Youth Worker, Police Officer


These people will have been trained to help you.

If the person you are unhappy with is somebody from the list you will need to tell another trusted adult.
If you prefer you can talk to somebody at ChildLine 0800 11 11 (include link maybe a button to the website)


Top Tips for Young People to keep safe
  1. Stick to streets that you know, or keep to busy areas which are well lit. Safety in numbers! Try not to walk home alone.
  2. Let an adult you trust know where you are going and when you will return. If your plans change, try to ring or text someone to tell them what time youíll be home.
  3. Remember you can call 100 from a phone box to reverse the charges. And most payphones and mobiles will let you dial 999 even if you have no money or credit. Know your home address and telephone number.
  4. If youíre on a bus on your own, pick a seat near the driver. On a train, find an open carriage with lots of people in it.
  5. Be streetwise. Keep valuables out of sight. Cash, jewellery, mobile phones and MP3 players are all tempting targets.
    • NEVER add friends to your social network page you donít know.
    • NEVER accept a lift off people you donít know.
    • NEVER agree to meet people off the internet that you donít know in the real world.
  7. Be yourself and donít do anything that you donít want to do! Donít buckle to peer pressure and never be afraid to stand up to bullies!


The development of a Young Peopleís LSCB was prioritised by the Board and included in the business plan 2009/11. The established Blaenau Gwent Youth Forum were consulted on the development of a Ďjunior LSCBí and suggested that an arrangement could be made where the youth forum could also act as the junior LSCB by giving over 4 meetings per year.

Timeline of Young People LSCB meetings and events
August 2009 Workshop to develop Young People LSCB
September 2009 Inaugural meeting
November 2009 Youth Mayor and Young People LSCB member addresses annual LSCB conference
January 2010 Developed booklet for young people who take part in child protection meeting
March 2010 Fed into internet safety guidance
June 2010 Helped develop LSCB website Ė young personís section Ė the top tips on the front page!
September 2010 Participated in development of Children and Young Peopleís plan and LSCB business plan needs assessment
November 2010 Operation Thistle presentation and feedback.
January 2011 Assisted in development of information booklet for Looked After Children. Final comments on CYP Plan and LSCB business plan. The priorities identified by Young People LSCB in order of importance are
  1. Dealing with Neglect
  2. Engaging with young people and awareness raising
  3. Addressing bullying and better support for homeless young people
If you would like more information on the Young People LSCB or are interested in becoming a member please contact Blaenau Gwent LSCB through phil.diamond@blaenau-gwent.gov.uk

For more information, please see the
About the Local Safeguarding Children Board page.

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Are you worried about a child?
If you feel a child or young person is unsafe please ring:

Social Services
01495 315700

Out of hours
Emergency Duty Team

Between 5pm and 8.30am
0800 328 4432

If you feel a child is in immediate danger always ring:

Gwent Police
01633 838111
or 999

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